Port Mann Bridge Tolls

Pressures Surrey B.C. Citizens & leads to petition campaign

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Petition Count (period ending January 02, 2016) = 1097
addressed to the Attention of Stephanie Cadieux, Liberal MLA, Cloverdale-Surrey or Rich Coleman, Liberal MLA, Langley

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February 2016 News Update : B.C. Provincial 2015-2016 Budget Report figures are quoted by CTV News as $86 million loss, on the Port Mann Bridge crossing the Fraser River. 2016-2017 @ $102 million loss. 2017-2018 @ $106 million loss. 2018-2019 @ $101 million loss. Total of $395 million loss, excluding losses in 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015.

Citizens Against Port Mann Bridge and Golden Ears Bridge Tolls
This website is designed to emphasize a new Petition Campaign in Surrey British Columbia which advocates the removal of bridge tolls in B.C. by an alternative system called Universal License Plate Fee Increase. Basically, it means that all vehicles registered with the Insurance Corporation of B.C. to purchase auto-plan insurance and pay a license fee would contribute to paying an additional fee for bridge, highway, and tunnel infra-structures. This proposal is fair on all drivers licensed in this province because the added annual charge begins from $24.00 to $40.00 for small cars and light weight trucks, or less than 11 cents / day.

We are taxpayers in the province of B.C. who must pay bridge tolls to cross the new Port Mann Bridge daily in both directions which was opened in 2013 . Design for high traffic and commercial vehicles the bridge is elaborately and architecturally designed at a enormous cost.  Also, it is the longest bridge in this province. Fees increased from $1.50 to $3.00 each way, an increase of 100% and more for commercial vehicles. That equates to $30.00 per week or $120.00 per month  plus for full time workers. A 12 month period with a 22-day work month costs an individual $1,584.00 + fuel  + insurance + license + maintenance & repairs. For example,
Cost1 =  $1584 + 2600 + 1500 + 450 = $6134.00 for return between Vancouver & Langley via Port Mann Bridge / 1-year.
Cost5 = 5 x $6134.00 = $30,670.00 / 5-year.
Cost10 = 10 x $6134.000 = $61,340.00 / 10-year.

The previously built Port Mann Bridge which was toll free was dismantled to this day instead of a much older bridge named the Patullo Bridge located further down the Fraser River at New Westminster.  The new Port Mann Bridge structure  has a relatively tight curve at the south end and single towers supporting traversing cables which experienced ice built-up last winter and which created ice falling problems. There were at least 3 major construction problems  causing unnecessary delays.  And,  numerous accidents on the Highway Improvement Project have claimed a number of human lives since the start.

As local residents we bear most of the cost while other communities have bridges with no tolls. This is like "Taxation without any Representation". Hence, some  of the early traffic volume has migrated to those other bridges.

Some recent changes to highway construction have created free, no tolls for commercial vehicles like the Coquihalla Highway, the Sea-to-Sky Highway, and lastly the South Fraser Perimeter Highway. The north end of 176th Street, or Highway 15, connected to the South Fraser Perimeter by December 2013. Thus it permits long haul tractor trailers and dump trucks  to access the toll-free Patullo Bridge which has concrete pieces falling from the old underside supports. Residents near the McBride Boulevard are upset with the massive traffic congestions daily, because all of the bridge lanes are too narrow for tractors with container trailers and dump trucks with pup trailers.

Surrey residents are burdened by this added living expense which reduces our standard of living in one of the most prosperous provinces of Canada. The majority of elected MLA are indifferent to the crisis and fail to admit logistic failures. Many local citizens did not know that the tolls were forthcoming because the Port Mann Bridge is a major part of the Canada Highway #1 which stretches across Canada. It was previously named the Trans Canada Highway and was "free". Also, some BC residents who live in Burnaby may  work in Surrey.

Commercial trucks, motor cycles, and buses are equal highway users also. In the past and present, many  highway accidents involve this class of motor vehicle which caused long delays and lineup on tunnels, bridges and freeways during construction work. Emergency pull-over lanes and rest areas are scarce causing some drivers to exceed  the posted speed limits, thereby saving 30 minutes of driving time.
(Separate license rates are listed with ICBC).

Action Plan:

  1. Re-activate petition distribution.
  2. Propose a universal license plate fee increase changes from a $24.00 to $40.00 per year for cars to light weight trucks.
  3. Propose BC Carbon tax to further reduce cost of tolled bridges to 50% point yearly
  4. Endorse BC Election Candidates who oppose bridge tolls in next BC Election.
  5. Enlist new members to join a new club, No Bridge Tolls in B.C. club.

Traffic Volume Trends including additional new vehicle purchases.
Table A
Illustration of a 3+ year duration . Vehicle registration from 1 million to 3 million. Potential Annual cash receipts from $40 million upto $120 million in Yr3 and even more later. Statistics Canada recorded 3 million vehicles registered in B.C. 

Registered Universal Vehicle Universal
Year License Plate Number Annual
Beginning Fee Increase Count Extra Income
  Each   Increase
YEAR 1 $40.00 1,000,000  $       40,000,000.00
YEAR 2 $40.00 2,000,000  $       80,000,000.00
YEAR 3 $40.00 3,000,000  $     120,000,000.00
YEAR 4 $40.00 4,000,000  $     160,000,000.00
YEAR 5 $40.00 5,000,000  $     200,000,000.00
YEAR 6+ $40.00 6,000,000  $     240,000,000.00

For cars and light vehicles, approximate 6 year projected estimate total = $ ( 40+80+120+160+200+240) million =  $840. million.
Included are fleet, rental, and clubs vehicles; also multiple family units.

Table B
Illustration of a 6+ year duration. Truck and Trailer registration from 1,000 to 6,000. Potential Annual cash receipt increase in Yr6 or later.

Registered Universal Trailer  Truck Vehicle Universal
Year License Plate  Pup Trailer  and Trailer Number Annual 
Beginning Increase    Combo Count Extra Income
  Each Tractor Each     Increase
YEAR 1 $80.00 $60.00 $140.00 1,000  $                 140,000.00
YEAR 2 $80.00 $60.00 $140.00 2,000  $                 280,000.00
YEAR 3 $80.00 $60.00 $140.00 3,000  $                 420,000.00
YEAR 4 $80.00 $60.00 $140.00 4,000  $                 560,000.00
YEAR 5 $80.00 $60.00 $140.00 5,000  $                 700,000.00
YEAR 6+ $80.00 $60.00 $140.00 6,000  $                 840,000.00

For tractor trucks or dump trucks with trailers, approximate 6 year project total estimate total = 
$(140+280+420+560+700+840) thousand = $2, 940 thousand = $2.940 million

Table C
Illustrative Comparison of actual Revenues from Transportation Investment Corporation  and Translink versus proposed Annual Receipt of the Universal License Plate Fee Increase - subject to public announcements of governing bodies for Yr1 to Yr3.
In 2014, recent public financial reports from  the Transportation Investment Corporation and Translinks both indicated that  the expected revenue returns have not been achieved due to reduced vehicle crossings. This trend is expect to be repeated in next annual report. 

Gary Hee - Contact E-mail : info@nobridgetollsinbc.com . 
Volunteer Registration Phone Line - 604-510-0360 *********** (Please leave a message if no answer).
Facsimile Line pending; currently being tested - Fax -604-510-0360.

PETITION FORM - INDIVIDUAL (or Family Members) . PDF Format 

(Please initial, scan, & return to info@nobridgetollsinbc.com )



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Langley Times, Surrey Now, Cloverdale Reporter, CKNW Radio Station Program "The World Today", News 1130 Radio Station, Imperial Printing, Paramount Computers Ltd., and  ICBC.

"No Bridge Tolls In BC"

Abolition of Bridge Tolls (Scotland) Act 2008

(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
The Abolition of Bridge Tolls (Scotland) Act passed by the Scottish Parliament in 2008 is a piece of legislation to abolish tolls on all road bridges in Scotland. In practice, it removed the remaining tolls on the Forth Road Bridge and the Tay Road Bridge and repealed legislation relating to the Erskine Bridge.


Steering Committees:
- starting in Surrey, Langley, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, Chilliwack

Stories: Report your Story
Tell us your experience with the tolls and how has it helped or harmed your standard of living. We will collect this information to evaluate our cause and may use the statistics to release to the press in 2017.

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hosted by Gary Hee, Independent nominated candidate for Surrey-South constituency riding helping hospital emergency departments.